Who We Are and What We Do

Old and new, high and low, digital and analog, avant and practical.

Matt Loewen and Joe Lessard of Rayonism Images
Matt Loewen and Joe Lessard of Rayonism Images (photo by Marc Leverette)

Rayonism Images does pictures–moving and still–utilizing new and vintage technology to tell stories. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect intersection of form and function: where the aesthetic enhances your message, not obfuscates it. Rayonism specializes in doing more with less and delivering unique and high caliber content at any budget level.

We do promotional videos, video announcements, music videos, performance shorts, even Kickstarter videos. If your story can be told in moving pictures, let us help you tell it.

Visit the Rayonism Flickr: Rayonism Flickr

The heart of Rayonism is two musicians living on the Front Range of Colorado, recording, playing and touring the country, documenting what we see as we go along. Visit our musical endavors at:




Contact us at rayonismimages@gmail.com.

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